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Pokemon Contest Collab - Tough Contest Talent by Mad-Revolution
Pokemon Contest Collab - Tough Contest Talent
Currently an unfinished work since I didn't really have enough time between Uni, Work, Family gatherings and other assorted life crap so got my collaborators characters done at the very least.

Panel 1 Contestants - :iconthe1jopro:

Panel 2 Contestants - :iconrobbycobalt:
Mad dA ID 2k16 by Mad-Revolution
Mad dA ID 2k16
Felt like updating my dA ID since its been the same for like 2 years. Figured I may as well chuck in some BS facts about me too while I'm at it.
Madz Tumblr Art Dump 1 by Mad-Revolution
Madz Tumblr Art Dump 1
For those who don't know, I actually post a buncha art on my tumblr blog that doesn't get posted here often. For those who wanna see em before I eventually post them as a massive art dump, here's a link to my tumblr blog

Anyways, a lot of this stuff was stuff I either did because I was bored, tired or felt like experimenting.
Slugma - Gotta Draw Em All by Mad-Revolution
Slugma - Gotta Draw Em All
Slugma for :icongottadrawemall:

Decided to have a go at digitally painting something. Think it was alright for a first attempt.
Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke - Summary 4 by Mad-Revolution
Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke - Summary 4
Author Note: WELP, bringing this relic back. Can't promise that my writing has improved but at least my drawing looks nicer? xD


Getting through the gym trainers was an easy feat for Rick. Bruce's evolution into a Blaziken made it so that a simple double kick could take down every single pokemon that was thrown at him. At the end of the gym awaited his Rick's father, Norman, but he was nothing like he expected. Rick expected to meet with his strict, domineering and abusive father. However, what laid before him was a cheerful, happy-go-lucky Norman.

"Hey Son! How've you been! I haven't seen you in ages!" Norman greeted Rick excitedly

Seeing his son for the first time in years, Norman welcomed him cheerfully. Rick rebuffed his fathers warmhearted greeting, tearing into him for leaving him mother for no good reason and for being cruel to him as a child and using his as his justification for the divorce.

Norman is confused, saying that not only did he stay with Rick throughout his stay in the hospital during his accident, but that both him and Rick's mother stayed good friends and even visited each other at times and that the only reason they divorced was that he was too concerned with work, which he even admits was a mistake. Everything the Norman told Rick didn't match up with anything that he could remember. As a result, he believed that Norman lied to him, which fueled his already burning desire to fight and beat him.

However, this too was an anti-climax. Even Normans team of two Slakings and Vigoroth fell to a single double kick each. Despite being the victor, Rick was still incredibly angry.

"Why?.....WHY WAS IT SO EASY!?" Rick shouted at Norman. Normans cheerful disposition slowly fades away as he tries to calm Rick down.

"Nevermind. Just give me the badge and be done with it!" 

However, Norman appears to refuse to give him the badge. Rick demands it from him but Norman begins fumbling and desperately trying to find an excuse not to give the badge to him. Eventually Rick begins to physically try and wrestle the badge from Norman before finally getting it from him. 

Unfortunately, this causes the ringing in Ricks head to reach its peak, causing him to wretch uncontrollably in pain and frustration. This time, fragmented memories start crawling into his head until eventually, the familiar red and black mind scape he see's when he gets a badge shatters away, revealing an almost completely white replacement, with his inner self sitting in front of him?

"What....Whats happening to me!?" Rick asks his doppleganger

The reflection smiles

"We're having our last conversation" He responds and edges closer "And I'm showing you the mistake that caused you to be here in the first place as a gift..."

He leans closer before menacingly finishing "...after all, you're giving me my body back after keeping it warm for seven years"


Was nice bringing the ol' edgelord back. Hope y'all missed him and can't wait for the next summary, since that's when almost literally every single question you guys have had about Rick and his past will be revealed~


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Though first of all, dun worry next page of Rising Flames should be out soon. Got the BG and Lineart done so just need to colour and shade once motivation kicks in.

But just wondering if theres any Pokemon OCTS currently taking apps or opening soon? I know I usually have the OCT curse that always happens to me but I'm gonna try and speed up how I draw things by linearting traditionally so I can do page and other shit quicker. So yeah, anyone got any suggestions?


Daniel Wilson
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom

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twintailmonkey Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You sir...made me want to nuzlocke again! Thank you soo much for sharing your art! It's amazing artists like you that inspire me! ;u; again, thank you.
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Happy (Early) Birthday! 83
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Kingnaut Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I use to watch you when you first started,back when I was on DA, I remember when your Nuzlocke comic Ruby was first starting up, loved it. Glad I found you and your awesome art again! 
FeatherBeastStudio Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you have a tumbler for your Nuzlocke Rising Flames? If so can you give me a link?
Mad-Revolution Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Student Digital Artist… There ye go. Sorry for taking a while to get back to you 
Star-hawks Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
Hey I have request for you to draw my OC because I suck at drawing.
ShadeOfObscurity Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016
happy pokemon day. Wonder if santa pikachu will bring presents this year? have good one
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