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Kirby Mad and Peach by Mad-Revolution
Kirby Mad and Peach
Next on the Mad and Peach doing Video Game adventures, we tackle Kirby. Specifically Kirby's Return to Dreamland...or Wii Adventure. Whatever.

Peach demanded she claim Kirby so I stuck to being Meta Knight because I have a thing for Sword Characters
Rising Flames - Omega Ruby Gijinka Nuzlocke by Mad-Revolution
Rising Flames - Omega Ruby Gijinka Nuzlocke
COMING SOON...ish...whenever I get and complete the like December maybe.

Slightly changed Eugene's design to be less Naruto-ish...didn't really help. Will update the reference page whenever.

ANYWAYS be hype!...or not...just don't ask when the next summary is please its coming. University and general life stuff is keep me busy and this title page alone took forever.

Halloween movie at Peach's place for all you non busy folk
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Temporary Tagged Selfie Thing Time by Mad-Revolution
Temporary Tagged Selfie Thing Time
Temporarily gonna do that selfie tag whachamajig. Gonna keep this up for a few days then delete cause I dun wanna see my mug as a permanent feature to my dA gallery.

I feel the poster sums up my feelings to most things in life also

No tags for anyone because I am a proffesional chain braker
You're supposed to answer as your Nuzlocke character! Because it's fun to make them uncomfortable.
Tagged by :iconjexima:

1. What is your name?

Rick (Evan but no one mentions my last name)

2. Are you a boy or a girl?
I am 99.9% sure I'm a guy

3. How old are you?

4. What do you hate most in the world?
Smug assholes. Y'know, they kinda people that walk around thinking they're better than everyone else

5. WHO do you hate most in the world?
My Dad

6. What are your hobbies?
I don't really have any hobbies off the top of my head. Since I became a trainer I haven't had much time for any. I did like playing video games before though if that counts.

7. Interested in anyone yet?
*blushes* Define "interested" I mean, a lot of people and things can hold my interest.

8. Do you find anybody else sexy?

*mumbles* I suppose May has a cute body...Crap I said that out loud didn't I?

9. What type of music do you like?

Anything with an emphasis with guitars. Though I really freaking like songs that combine electric guitars and pianos. 

10. Do you have any siblings?
Nah, I don't...woulda liked a little brother or sister though.

11. Do you consider yourself good looking??

I don't mean to brag, but I reckon I'd be good looking if it weren't for these hugeass scars

12. Do you want babies?
...I don't think I'd make a good dad y'know? Especially with how quick to anger I'm getting recently. Suppose I got my hands full with Seiryu anyways.

13. Where are you from?
Man I've been from all over. Earliest place I remember was Orre.

15. What's your hometown?
Following on from the previous question, earliest I can remember I was living in Phenac City

16. Do you live with anybody?
At the moment I live with my mom. Well, before I started running around being a trainer.

17. Do you have any friends? Maybe a BFF?
I don't really have many human friends. In face I think May's my only one. Otherwise, I think Bruce is my "BBF" just cause he helps me out with more than helping me beat up gym leaders.  

18. What's you favorite color?
*looks at his clothes* Are you seriously asking this?

19. What do you look for in someone? (As in a mate)
Erm. I dunno. Preferably someone kind and nice. Bit of a cliche thing to say I know.

20. What's your type?

21. Have you had your first kiss yet?

No I have not.

22. Do you have any special skills?
Um...I have super "not dying" skills

23. What is your saddest death?
I hate to say this, but no one death has really made me "sad". I suppose Gilligan's death was the worst...if only because of the circumsances

24. Who was your starter Pokemon?
Bruce. Because Torchics are best~!

25. Why did you start your journey?
I know to other people its gonna sound petty, but to fight my dad. The man's had it coming for years.

26. When did you start your journey?
Only a couple of months I think. I honestly haven't been keeping track of time

27. Your favorite type of Pokemon?
Oooh thats a toughie. Its between Dragon and Fire types.

28. What would be your nature?

Either Rash or Bold

29. What would be your Characteristic?
"Likes to fight"

30. What would be your Ability?
Pure Power~!

31. What are your fears?
Not being myself anymore

32. Who do you see as your rival?
I don't really have a rival to be honest

33. What type of family do you come from?
I...don't really wanna talk about my dad. I just hate the guy so much. My moms been doing the best she can looking after me. But I guess I haven't been the greatest kid to look after.

34. Why do you take the Nuzlocke Challenge?
Isn't this another way of asking question 25?

35. Yay we are done, now go tag people!!
Not really a huge fan of tagging people. I'll just be a cop out as always and tag anyone who wants to do this and reads this
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Mad-Revolution has started a donation pool!
117 / 636
I would like to see what's so great about a Premium Membership, so I'm just gonna slap this on here.

Don't put any points in here yet. (Unless you're feeling very generous)

Once I figure out my commission point prices, I post it

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Halloween movie at Peach's place for all you non busy folk
  • Mood: Daily Needs


Daniel Wilson
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom

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